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Project 8110 is a Non-Profit Organization supporting Dental and Vision training

in Sierra Leone, West Africa

Project 8110 was founded in October 2009 by Tom Linder and Dr. Brian Evans. Our mission is to provide training to healthcare providers in Sierra Leone, West Africa, to perform dental procedures and to dispense eyeglasses.

Project 8110 provides much needed medical, dental and eye care to the poorest of the poor in Sierra Leone, West Africa.  Sierra Leone was in the epicenter of the Ebola outbreak that started in 2013 which resulted in the deaths of almost 4 thousand in that country, and over 11,000 in the region.  The impact on the economy of one of the poorest nations and regions has been devastating, and it will take years to recover.

Project 8110 supports the work of Morningstar Clinic in the city of Bo.  Many people avoided visiting medical clinics and hospitals during the Ebola outbreak because of concerns of contracting the virus.  Now that the Ebola crisis is over, many are seeking care, which is placing a significant burden on the clinic.

Project 8110 also provides training to healthcare providers to teach them how to perform extractions and to restore teeth with simple fillings.  They are instructed in proper techniques and principles to provide care at or above the local standard of care. In a country of 7 million people and only 7 registered dentists, there is an incredible need.  Most people there do not have access to dental care and suffer with infection and pain, resorting to DIY dentistry or seeking care from unqualified providers, resulting in trauma and increased infection and pain.

Project 8110 has a simple optometry program that distributes eyeglasses that are provided by the Lion’s Club.  The trainees are able to examine the patient, prescribe, adjust and deliver eyeglasses in about fifteen minutes. This simple program can make a huge impact on the life of a person who has not been able to see clearly for years.


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