Testimony at the Clinic


Project 8110 is a Non-Profit Organization supporting Dental and Vision training

in Sierra Leone, West Africa

The Dental Program 

We thank God for the knowledge he has given us to serve  our fellow men and women who are in such desperate need of dental health care.      

mission 2

A 7 year old boy was bought to our  clinic with a swollen jaw  and in severe pain for 5 days.  After a thorough physical assessment the boy was put on antibiotic and pain medication. He came back 5 days later and the swelling subsided and an extraction was done. We are grateful to God and all those who  are making sacrifices and donations to make this program a success!

The good Lord will reward you in Jesus Name. Amen.           


The Optometry Program

We thank God for this great commission he has given to us and grateful to God for what he is doing in the eye department.

Mission 1A  man came here with an eye problem which he has not been seeing very well for the past three months. This man is a tailor by trade. He has not being sewing for three months.  He came here for an eye test which we discovered that the man had poor vision and he was given the correct eye glasses to restore his vision. The good news is that now he can see clearly and read.

This is what the Lord has done and it is marvelous in our eyes. We thank you for this mission in Sierra Leone.


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The Need in Sierra Leone

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