September 2016 Mission Trip Update

September 2016 Mission Trip Update

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img_2165We returned to Bo, Sierra Leone in September to begin the training of the first class of students in the post-graduate program for RN’s and CHO’s (community health officers) at Every Nation College.

It was a very productive training session. We conducted a full week of classroom and preclinical training of seven students; this included four new students, and three who are repeat students.  The repeat students are completing the training in order to receive their certificate from the college.  They were given written tests to verify their understanding of the material.  The preclinical training gave us an opportunity to evaluate their potential skills by having them perform extractions and place fillings on models of teeth.  The students demonstrated great potential and we hope that at least four of them will be able to become future trainers.

They will now go through 6 months of clinical training which will be supervised by Kassay, a graduate of the original training in 2009. He has been working in Morningstar Clinic since that time providing dental care to those in need.  He has had the opportunity to develop his skills to an exceptionally high level and is very capable to supervise this training.

I hope to return to Bo in March 2017 to verify the clinical proficiency of the students and to recommend them for certification.

Please pray for the students and the trainers as they work to complete this training. It is a challenging environment in which they work, but they are committed to the program and are grateful to be a part of it.

The program continues to run at a significant cost. We would ask that you prayerfully consider a monthly gift and visit to make that pledge.

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