About Project 8110

About Project 8110

Dental Training With A Vision

Project 8110 was founded in October 2009 by Tom Linder and Dr. Brian Evans. Project 8110 provides much-needed medical, dental, and eye care to the poorest of the poor in Sierra Leone, West Africa. Sierra Leone was at the epicenter of the Ebola outbreak that started in 2013, which resulted in the deaths of almost 4 thousand in that country and over 11,000 in the region. The impact on the economy of one of the poorest nations and regions has been devastating and will take years to recover.

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Our mission is to train healthcare providers in Sierra Leone, West Africa, to perform dental procedures and dispense eyeglasses.

Since the initial work of Project 8110, the needs of Sierra Leone have continued to be met because of those who have been trained.
The next phase is to train qualified individuals to assume the responsibility of the training so that the program can expand to meet the needs of many more.

In a country Of 7 million people, there are only 7 registered Dentists, so there is a great need. Most people there do not have access to dental care and suffer from infection and pain, resorting to DIY dentistry or seeking care from unqualified providers, resulting in trauma and increased infection and pain.

We Can't Help Everyone, but Everyone can help someone

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